Casimer Kawecki is a internationally recognized artist with past exhibits in Venice, Italy and Charlottesville, Virginia.  He holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Virginia.  He works in watercolor, oil, and mixed media, and focuses on subject matter of architecture, landscape, and memory.


“Kawecki plays with how much he can obscure his original sources without losing them altogether, creating chalky layers of color, and building up and scratching through surfaces...The longer one looks, the more depth and detail one discovers…he plays with color relationships and ways of demarcating the horizon... Kawecki further pares away the information necessary to suggest landscapes… Gorgeous in their minimalism … the images reward lingering”

Review of ‘Abstract Outlook’ in

The Hook

Charlottesville, VA



The brush-strokes create an unusual but successful tribute to a reality that is still visible but is finally part of the past… The American artist captures the silence that now envelopes these abandoned places with great delicacy, giving them a new dignity. 


Review of ‘Coaling Tower’ series in Italian Design Magazine

MODO: International Review of Design Culture

Milan, Italy